Prospective Students - Online Masters

We have received several queries regarding our MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacometrics) program. Prospective students can benefit from reviewing our responses to these recurring questions.If your concern is not covered below, please email the Center for Translational Medicine for more information

Recorded lectures (voice over slides), practice problems, reading material, and assignments will be available through Blackboard, our e-learning system. Students can access this material at their own pace and at convenient times in any part of the world as long as they have access to the Internet.
Each student can take up to two courses (six credits total) per semester. The didactic portion of the program constitutes about 45 hours per three-credit course over approximately four months. Taking into account homework and review time, we estimate a time commitment of one day per week for two courses. Of course, the learning needs of each student will be different.
You can register for one course per semester. Each course is offered once every two years. For example, PHAR 602 and PHAR 663 will only be offered in the fall semester. The MS program will need to be completed in about five years.
Typically, course waivers are not supported. All courses are designed with pharmacometrics in mind and may offer content you didn't receive in other training.
Blackboard, our e-learning tool, supports a variety of interactive mechanisms. Each course will have a discussion board established for students to pose questions and receive input from the class as well as the lecturers. There will be pre-specified virtual office hours for faculty. Students can contact faculty via e-mail, phone, and/or other tools (e.g., Skype).
CTM has a variety of software packages available on its state-of-the-art computational infrastructure. Students will have access to Phoenix WinNonlin, NLME, NONMEM, and Trial Simulator (Pharsight) programs at no additional cost. Experts from Pharsight will provide "Getting Started" lectures for each of their programs. Students will also need R (freeware) program.

The software provided is to be used for course related work only. Any other use is considered a violation of the license agreement.

No, GRE scores are not required.
Applicants whose native language or language of the home is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the examination of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Visit the graduate school website for more information. However, as long as the student has completed a graduate or undergraduate degree in the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK, she/he does not need to take the TOEFL or IELTS.
International students are not eligible for F-1 student visa sponsorship from the University of Maryland Baltimore due to the entirely online curriculum of the MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacometrics) program. Students can participate in the program from outside the US without a need for a US student visa.
Yes. We have a voluntary "buddy system," which pairs students with industry and regulatory leaders in pharmacometrics. Students can leverage this initiative to gain insight into how pharmacometrics is integrated into drug development or regulatory decisions, potential growth opportunities for future, and networking.
You will still need to take the required PhD program core courses, and some of the needed electives. You can transfer the MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacometrics) course credits towards the PhD elective requirements, but this depends on the area of research you choose. You still need to complete your chosen research.
Yes, the MS in Pharmacometrics is equivalent to any other master's degree given by the University of Maryland.
Yes, we can connect you with current students who are willing to talk about the program.
The tuition is about $33,000 for the whole program, not including additional fees charged by the University. Exact tuition costs and applicable fees are available on the university website.
Students can elect to participate in the University's installment plan. It splits the total cost of the semester into three payments (August, September, and October for Fall, and January, February, and March for Spring). There is a $10.00 administrative fee per semester to participate in this plan, and your application to participate must be processed before each semester starts.